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Security Guarding by Unisec Security

If you’re looking for highly trained and experienced security guards – static guards – then look no further than Unisec.

Unisec’s security guards will patrol on foot, by bicycle or in a vehicle, according to your needs, and they can be present and visible 24/7.

Security guards are also known as static guards, but that term can be misleading as static guards can be very mobile while protecting your premises. Unisec’s security guards will conduct regular patrols of your property, constantly being on the lookout for signs of intrusion or anything else untoward. And the presence of a static guard from Unisec can be a significant deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime.

As well as the deterrent effect, there is also another big benefit from having a Unisec security guard: a fast response time.

Some criminals know they can be in and out of a building before the police have a chance of getting there. Having a Unisec security guard on-site means a much better chance of a criminal being caught, and that will greatly reduce the impact on you and your business.

So let Unisec guard your front gate, barrier, construction site, or vacant property, and you’ll find the presence of a Unisec static guard patrolling your premises is a reassuring sight and a cost-effective way of protecting your people and premises.

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