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We unite to secure your world.

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Unisec Ltd are willing to prepare the subcontractor invoices as per the venue timesheet in line with the terms and conditions and the handbook as stated in the independent contractor agreement for the fee of £2 per week per contractor.

Unisec Ltd bears no liability in relation to incorrect invoice amounts and all invoices must be confirmed as correct by the contractor before the fees are paid to them.

By signing this declaration form you consent to Unisec Ltd providing these services to you for the weekly fee of £2 to be deducted from your weekly invoices as payment.

As a consultant, I work with a number of venues and a range of security companies.

Unisec have proven to be a great addition to each venue. Showing professionalism and a real understanding of the needs of each business. They bring an adaptable approach with a wealth of experience which can be applied to a number of different business types from late night venues to premium bars and restaurants. At each venue, they have become part of the team rather than just a contractor. Their team’s attention to detail helps to promote a safe environment for both staff and guests.

They have always been flexible and will pull out all the stops to fulfil a client’s needs. I would recommend them to any venue.

Adam Howitt

Director, Howitt Hospitality Consultants Ltd

As a new venue, it is vital to create a safe, fun and vibrant atmosphere for your guests.

Unisec have been a great addition to our team, always professional, handle any situation with the greatest care.

On occasion, we have required security at the last minute, they have always managed to meet our needs and never let us down.

Unisec are a great addition to any bar, club or restaurant and we look forward to working closely with them.

Tribal Bar and Grill

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