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As a security company in Hull supplying door supervisors to many establishments, Unisec Ltd is fully supportive of The Security Industry Authority’s advice on safer physical intervention.

Highlights of this advice include

“You should only use physical intervention as a last resort
Physical intervention can:
• Increase risks of harm to staff and customers
• Result in prosecution of staff if use of force was unnecessary, excessive, or in any other way unlawful
• Lead to allegations against staff and potentially loss of licence and/or employment

Examples of a ‘last resort’ situation include:
• Where necessary to prevent harm
• When other options have failed, or are likely to fail
• When it is not possible or appropriate to withdraw”


“Reducing the risks of physical intervention
• Choose the least forceful intervention practicable: The physical intervention with the least force and potential to cause injury to the subject in achieving the legitimate objective
• Avoid high risk positions including ground restraints
• Avoid high risk methods of restraint, such as neck holds and other holds that can adversely affect breathing or circulation
• Keep up communication between staff and the subject during and following restraint
• Monitor the wellbeing of the subject of intervention for adverse reactions”


You can read the full advice from the Security Industry Authority here

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